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Take Pride In Inclusive India

YOU may be aware that June was Pride month. Originating in the US, the month not only stands as a time to promote awareness and acceptance of people who identify as LGBTIQ+, but also commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, demonstrations in New York City in June 1969 that are considered to be the […]

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Safe Spaces To Talk About Taboo Topics

GOOGLE gender, sexuality, violence, and harassment. What you’ll find is a shocking number of articles and figures about these disturbingly commonplace issues. Last year, the global #MeToo movement shook India too and created a sense of community – especially among women – to break the silence around these socially uncomfortable subjects. According to UN Women, […]

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The Rise Of The Ethical Indian Consumer

HAVE you heard of ethically sourced, fair trade products? Conflict free diamonds? Or cruelty free makeup? Consumers have been using boycotts and flexing their purchase power for years to achieve change and force political transformation. Behind this seemingly modern movement of ethical consumption lies India’s forward-thinking Bapu who touted the ideals of homespun clothing and […]

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