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Can We Trust NGOs?

YOU might not have heard of this unusual form of measurement, but the Edelman Trust Barometer has been tracking trust since 2001. The responses for this annual survey are collected from 28 countries, which are then used to evaluate the public’s level of trust in governments, businesses, NGOs, and the media. This year’s results were […]

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Acting On Empathy

THERE is a pervasive theory from people outside the development sector that those who work in nonprofits, charities, or field agencies are “do-gooders”, motivated by empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of others – rather than the drivers that influence those working in other sectors. Do Gooders Or Doing Good? Anecdotally, this […]

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Media Misses The Development Sector

THE 24-hour news cycle is our reality and newspapers now reflect that. When you open your paper or browser online you are bombarded with the most sensationalist news, amongst the advertisements, sponsored links, sports, op-eds, and other miscellaneous banality. A quick look at four of India’s top English news sites (Times of India, Hindustan Times, […]

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