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Monsoon: A Blessing And A Curse

MONSOON. For some that word means fleeing to drier, sunnier lands for the summer. For others, it inspires happiness as it means cooler weather and plentiful rain.  80% of India’s total rainfall takes place between June and September as the southwest monsoon moves across the country.  India is lucky to have such a season as […]

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Take Pride In Inclusive India

YOU may be aware that June was Pride month. Originating in the US, the month not only stands as a time to promote awareness and acceptance of people who identify as LGBTIQ+, but also commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, demonstrations in New York City in June 1969 that are considered to be the […]

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Small Talk With Urvija Sanghvi

CHANGE leaders do great things, and often that is all we know about them. Here we want to get a different glimpse of the personalities that constitute the development space. Every month we get one leader to answer four questions, not necessarily about their work, but about themselves. This week we catch up with Urvija […]

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