Have The Time Of Your Life And Give Back

PEOPLE take up all kinds of crazy challenges to raise funds for charity. Climbing the Great Wall of China, running marathons, jumping out of aeroplanes – or even travelling from Alaska to India to drive an auto-rickshaw 3,000km from Kochi to Jaisalmer!

This is what is universally known as a “charity challenge”. The point of these events is to draw focus to the chosen cause. Doing something completely mad will usually get a lot of attention. So why not take advantage of that and use it to do some good?

Small Change’s #AdventureForGood Charity Challenge, dreamt up by award-winning company Snow Leopard Adventures, is an opportunity to give back while having the time of your life. 

The itinerary includes trekking through the beautiful Shivpuri Range in the Himalayan foothills, white water rafting in the crystal clear waters of the Ganges, camping under the stars, bonfires, game nights and most importantly…making friends for life!

River rafting ©Snow Leopard Adventures

So what does the challenge involve? In a nutshell, it means that you book (perhaps with a group of friends) a five-day adventure in scenic Uttarakhand – and while you treat the planet as your playground you also give back by raising funds for Mountain Children’s Foundation on Small Change. 

MCF is an NGO in the area who supports children to take action against climate change, and equip them to be agents for change in their communities. The itinerary also includes a visit to MCF’s centre in Dehradun, where you can meet the children and learn about what they are doing first-hand.

So why should you do it? 

  • Taking up a personal challenge to help out a worthwhile cause is double the satisfaction!
  • You’ve always promised yourself a trek in the mountains and to try river rafting but never got around to it. Here’s your chance – and your motivation.
  • Not only will it give your fitness a boost, but it will also give extra purpose to your early morning walks/runs.
  • Meeting the children your fundraising efforts will directly benefit will make YOU feel good.
  • Supporting Mountain Children’s Foundation will make YOU too, a climate warrior and agent for change.
  • Seeing you support such an important cause will inspire your friends, family and colleagues to be more responsible towards the environment.
  • On the personal front, you will score some serious points with your present or future employer.
  • The trip is planned to coincide with DaanUtsav, India’s festival of giving during which millions of people from all walks of life do an act of giving. And so will you!

So go on, give it a go! 

To book, write to corporate@snowleopardadventures.com / contact@smallchange.ngo with the subject line ‘Adventure For Good’. For more information, click here.

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